Hartland ( Stoke ) Climatological Reports

These climatological reports are prepared automatically by the AWS Davis Weatherlink software, presenting data collected here in the format of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - a US Scientific Agency) reports.

Previous Year(s) are followed by Previous Months - most recent first

Explanation of HEAT DEG DAYS and COOL DEG DAYS in these reports

The majority of information in these tables is self-evident, though readers may be unfamiliar with DEG DAYS

The degree day (DEG DAY) is one measure of the weather related energy demand.

The heating degree day (hdd - HEAT DEG DAY) is used to help estimate heating requirements at a given location for a given day. It is defined as the difference between the Heat Base (18.3℃) and the daily mean temperature, m : hdd=(18.3 - m)
The higher the daily hdd value, the more heating energy is required for that day. When the mean daily temperature exceeds 18.3℃, there are no heating degree days (hdd=0).

A cooling degree day (cdd - COOL DEG DAY) can be used to help estimate the energy required for cooling and is defined as the difference between the mean daily temperature and the Cool Base (18.3℃) : cdd=(m - 18.3)
When the mean daily temperature is lower than 18.3℃, there are no cooling degree days. (cdd=0).

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