back along - weather comments & reports from a while ago !

115 years ago ...

October & November 1903

The heavy fall of rain on Tuesday 'Oct. 27th, did a lot of damage at Hartland. A flood came sweeping down by the Bible Christian Chapel and down Ford Hill, washing up the macadam. A flood-gate in Ganna Meadow was carried away. The wooden footbridge at Tucking Mill was swept down stream. A wall was undermined and thrown down at Mr. Sleeps whose house was also flooded. The Abbey was flooded to a depth of over two feet.

Torrents of rain fell on Tuesday, at Clovelly and water was rushing down the hills and valleys like seething torrents. Several houses were flooded; in some instances, people had to be removed. Large stones were carried by the force of water through the villiage. The damage is considerable.

At Parkham 1.78 inches of rain fell in three hours. Houses were flooded at New Haven, Hoops, and Pox- down. The total rainfall to the 27th is 13.18. Not one dry day has been experienced during the month.

The rainfall at Melbury reservoir, Parkham, during September was 5.455 inches. The total fall for the year ending October 8th, is 43.13 inches.

The first dry day registered at Parkham since the 25th of September, was November the 3rd.

The rainfall at the Melbury reservoir for October is 14.725 inches, with 120 hours of rain. Not a dry day was experienced during the month. Other Octobers have been recorded as follows :1902, 5.05 inches ; 1901, 4.95 inches ; 1900, 6.625 inches ; 1899, 5.82 inches ; 1898, 8.185 inches.

Rainfall in October, 1903,at HARTLAND at 222 feet above the sea level, with a guage of 5 inches diameter. Observer, Mr. G. Sleep.
Total fall 11.43
Greatest fall in 24 hours. 1.95 on 27th
Days 0.l or more fell 30

(from The Hartland Chronicle, 1903)

100 years ago ...

October 1918

RAINFALL, Hartland October 1918
Total fall 2.83
Greatest fall in 24 hrs 0.36 on 18th
Days 0.1 or more fell 24

(from The Hartland and West Country Chronicle,1918)

70 years ago ...

October 1938

RAINFALL, Hartland (Fosfelle)
Total fall 6.29
Greatest fall in 24 hrs 0.35 on 17th
Days 0.1 or more fell 21

Districts were plunged into darkness and ships sent adrift from their moorings during the storm which swept the Westcountry on Monday night and Tuesday morning, Oct. 3rd and 4th.

A great deal of damage was reported to have occurred on Lundy, including the dislocation of the telephone communication between the two lighthouses.

At Hartland Point a gale warning cone was hoisted, but about 1-30 a m. was torn to ribbons by the wind and had to be replaced by a new cone.

(from The Hartland and West Country Chronicle,1938 )

35 years ago ...

October & November 1983

GEORGE'S WEATHER SPOT . . . Facts and figures gathered for us by Coastguard George Hall at the Coastguard Station at Eastdown.
Month began with southerly winds force 5-6, rain and showers veering westerly moderating slowly force 3-4.
Second week freshening winds veered north west, then backed southerly becoming south westforce 6-7, heavy rain and showers continuing to freshen to gale force 8 to storm force 10, with periods of rain.
Third week gale force winds veered north west and moderated becoming light and variable.
Last week to the end of the month, winds backed, freshened from the south east, backed easterly then veered southerly becoming variable force 2-3 veering north west.
Mainly an unsettled month with above average rain and average sunshine.
Highest temperature 18.1C,64F on the 3rd; lowest on the 30th with 1.1C, 34F.

Month began with light south westerlies, becoming calm and overcast with light drizzle, becoming south east force 2-3.
Second week, freshening winds force 4-5 with slight rain and showers becoming colder, then backing south easterly.
Third week, winds continued to back north east becoming light and variable, then calm.
Last week freshening easterly winds veered southerly becoming north west with heavy showers and rain becoming force 7 at times, then backing southerly and moderating force 3-4.
A settled month with rain mainly in the last week
Temperature: maximum 13.6C (56F) on the 8th; minimum -2C (28F) on the 15th.
Ground temperature:-4.4C(24F) on the 15th.
Rainfall: 62 mm (2.4 inches), highest daily record, 30.5 mm on the 27th.
Sunshine total 46.9 hours, highest daily record 7 hours on the 14th.
Fog on the llth. No gales recorded.
During the past 14 years only November 1981 was drier, when the rainfall recorded was 40.7 mm.

(from The Hartland Times,1983 )

25 years ago ...

October & November 1993

THE HARTLAND WEATHER SCENE Facts and figures of the last couple of months' weather as recorded at Gawlish Met Station, Hartland, by Dick and Airlie Needham.
Westerly winds to start with and then basically easterly from the 8th for the rest of the month, light to moderate.
This, of course, brought the temperatures down, and from the 14th to 19th we had minus grass temperatures over night, the 18th the coldest, recording minus 3.5C.
Sunshine was again fairly evenly spread, though there were times when it remained extremely dull, and 152 hours of sunshine were recorded.
Rainfall totalled 94 mm (nearly 4 ins) and this nearly all fell in the first half of the month and it was basically dry for the second half of October.
Dick Needham

Do look at the rainfall recorded in October 1903 (From the 'Hartland Chronicles, 90 years ago - page 19) -wet months are not a new phenomenon! In January we are hoping to prepare a little article about the weather patterns over the last couple of decades - are things getting worse? -Ed. Sunshine recorded 113.7 hours compared with 58.3 hours in 1982 which was a poor year. Rainfall was 136.1mm, 5.36 inches and the wettest day was 15th with 21mm. No fog recorded. Gales on the 14th to 16th with the highest gust of 55 knots, 63 mph.

The winds mainly from the east during the month, with a brief westerly gale around the 13th/14th, and a southeasterly gale on the 29th. During both of these gales we had gusts in excess of 50 m.p.h.
A cold spell from the 20th, lasted about four days and gave us night temperatures below freezing.
Total sunshine was 80 hours, mainly during the second half of the month.
The rainfall totalled 94 mm (nearly 4 inches), with completely dry spell from 15th to 22nd November.

(from The Hartland Times, 1993 )