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History of recording weather on the Hartland peninsula

Recording started at this - Hartland (Stoke) - weather station in mid October 2017.

Meteorological Recording in some form or another has taken place on the Hartland peninsula for well over a hundred years , though the records that survive are not continuous, vary in nature, and were made at a number of different sites.

So far, sources that I have identified for these records include : ..and information in personal communications from Stephen Hobbs, of Hartland

This section examines :
The Records - the availability of weather records and their type
The Sites – a history of each site from where records were submitted

The Records

The oldest records , held by the Met Office Archive, are for “Register of Rainfall” of 1884 submitted to “The British Rainfall Organisation” (and then incomplete series of records until 1926 ) by Mr G Sleep from Hartland Abbey

Over the years, rainfall and other weather data was received by “The British Rainfall Organisation”, then “Meteorological Office - The British Rainfall Organisation”, and then “Air Ministry - Meteorological Office - The British Rainfall Organisation” followed by “Meteorological Office – Air Ministry” and subsequent renamings and changes of organisation to what is now The Met Office.

The catalogue of records held in the Met Office Archive includes:

The Sites

The Weather Stations that submitted extensive meteorological data , and were subject to Met Office inspection and monitoring for most of their time, were run by members of the Coastguard service or (in the case of Gawlish, once the Coastguard Station at Hartland closed ) former Coastguard observers.
These were at : (click on the Station name for more detail)

These Stations were the principal Met Office ones on the Hartland peninsula, and were in operation in this sequence – though not necessarily submitting data for the full period.

I am not yet clear what happened in the intervals 1918-1920, and 1932 – 1937, and whether any Station operated pre-1917 but with no surviving records.

Held in the Met Office Archive are Station History Files of the Met Office inspections of Hartland Point, Hartland, and Gawlish (partial)

Rainfall Reporting Stations were at: (click on the Station name for more detail)

History of recording weather Nationally

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